Moire-Go-Round is a public art concept inspired by the universal principal of centripetal force as well as an interest in creating new shape forms through the relationship of negative and positive space and a viewer perspective.  Moire-Go-Round is an interactive kinetic metal sculpture with a spinning horizontal barrel cylinder shape approximately 10 feet long by 4 feet tall.

Line patterned shapes are cut out of the free spinning barrel creating an interplay of positive and negative space patterns and an ever morphing emerging moiré pattern. Because pattern relations in space create the new interference moire pattern, the pattern will change continuously from a viewer's  vantage point as they move around and approach the piece, even when the piece is in a static state.  By spinning the barrel, more moiré patters emerge as now the viewer is stationary and the piece is moving in space.  Unexpected patterns may also arise based on the spin speed.