Cytokinesis - by Seema Lisa Pandya 2017 is hand crafted by Seema Lisa Pandya and made from used tabla pudis (the skins of the Indian classical tabla drum) donated by tabla schools and professional tabla percussionists. Each round 'pudi' has had hundreds of hours of concentrated energetic rhythmic practice by musicians until the skin is no longer usable. "I was once a former student learning to play the tablas. When I hear the sound of the tabla (especially the deeper bhya drum) and was taught different rhythmic patterns indicative to classical Indian music, I experience these sounds visually as a rhythmical "push-pull" "inhale-exhale" balance that is a fundamental building block of natural forms. I have woven these rhythmical instrument parts together to represent these forms."  This piece is inspired by cell division. In biology, cytokinesis is the final stage of cell division (mitosis) where the genetic information has been copied and the nuclei of each cell starts to move away from each other but are still joined by a cleavage filament ring just before each pinches off to start their next journey as separate cells. 29"x18" x1.5"