Tabla Feedback  by Seema Lisa Pandya 2016: Tabla drum heads 5'-0"x 5'-0"x 5"-0". Tabla Feedback is an installation art piece made from almost 100 used tabla pudis (the skins of the Indian classical tabla drum) donated by tabla schools and musicians. Each round 'pudi' has had hundreds of hours of concentrated practice by musicians until the skin is no longer usable. The  skins are woven together into the form of a large funnel feeding back into itself representing the conical form of sound/ music and the dynamic dialogue nature of the 'Jugalbandhi'. Jugalbandhi literally means ‘entwined twins’. In Indian classical music it refers to a duet between two melodic performers with percussion. Seema has woven these rhythmical instrument parts together in a form she describes as representative of a rhythmical "push-pull" "inhale-exhale" balance that is a fundamental building block of natural forms.