Wind Glade is a biomimicry inspired sensory experiential public art installation that aims to connect people with natural cycles through the use of beauty, site context, and real time sound feedback of the wind. The installation is based on the structural form of a glade clearing in a forest thicket designed for a site on the waterfront in Copenhagen, Denmark. The installation draws upon Copenhagen’s predominant natural energy source – wind!

Passing through Wind Glade can evoke the feeling of walking through the trees. Just as one would get auditory feedback from the movement of the leaves on a tree as the wind picks up, Wind Glade similarly provides auditory feedback with a series of high and low toned wind chimes. As the wind speed increases in frequency, high tones will ring. When the winds are low, lower toned wind chimes will sound celebrating the experience of wind through the sounds of meandering wind chime echo chambers.  The entire installation Wind Glad collects changing local winds and converts them into carbon-free energy via an array of gradually elevated micro and macro turbines rising out of the lattice metal canopy.

Wind Glade was designed by a collaborative team lead by Seema Lisa Pandya and consists of the following team: Seema Pandya, Cullen Kasunic, Keith Baren, William Nickerson, and Oscar Garcia